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As you begin to read the following information, you might initially believe it should be of interest to only the number crunchers among our readers.  Knowing that each of our Flagship members serves as a community leader of place and/or interest throughout the State of Missouri, I believe you make great impacts in your daily professional or volunteer efforts.   In understanding and using the information contained in the portal entitled, Missourians like you can become an even greater resource to each other. 

Just more than a year ago, we briefly described this engagement portal as it was in its development phase by the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems in collaboration with University of Missouri Extension and Engagement.  The portal is now operational with sections of the comprehensive site dedicated to (1) A Mapping Room, (2) Reports, and (3) Tools and Resources.

IMPACT AREAS represented in the site include Agriculture and Environment, Business and Community, Health and Safety, and Youth and Families.

Whether one is interested  in further understanding the social-economic dynamics of your city, county, school district, or legislative district; the footprint of vulnerable populations;  a comparison of your county’s regional economic resilience; or access to thousands of data mapping layers, is your one-stop shop for research-based data and information within the state.

As someone who always wished for more reliable information to pursue and complete a grant application, a better baseline for making resource allocations across program and regional extension areas, or best available information on the needs of the people of the State of Missouri, such a resource is now available at the touch of one’s fingertips. 

First, I would encourage each of you to take at look at this valuable online resource, but equally important is to share this site address,, with the numerous leaders in your sphere of influence. 

I believe this decision enhancing resource is a perfect example of what Chancellor Alexander Cartwright has aptly described as an attribute of a University for Missouri.

Tom Henderson, MFC immediate past co-chair

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