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Chval Touts College of Education New Rankings

Thanks to the Flagship Council for asking me to share the College of Education news about our most recent U.S. News rankings. I always appreciate the opportunity to highlight the amazing work and impact of the College’s faculty, staff, and students. U.S. News and World Report has recently ranked the University of Missouri College of Education graduate programs #36 overall and #25 among public higher education institutions, in addition to ranking the online graduate education programs the best in the state of Missouri.

We strategically track the data and make investments to pursue excellence. After interacting with Flagship Council members, I recognize three facts: (a) you are passionate about Mizzou, (b) you expect excellence, and (c) you are competitive. I grew up with 6 siblings, and certainly there is no doubt I can relate to competition!  We are competing with the top Colleges of Education in the country.

In the past year, we moved ahead of twelve excellent public institutions in the
U.S. News graduate rankings: Rutgers, Purdue, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia State, North Carolina State, Florida State, Delaware, Penn State, Arkansas, and Nebraska. This was a significant jump in one year.

Some other comparisons from the U.S. News Rankings for the College of Education.

  • 5th among 14 SEC institutions
  • 5th in total graduate enrollment
  • 18th among 34 Public AAU institutions
  • 19th in funded research

Individual program rankings include:

  • #3 Student Counseling and Personnel Services
  • #21 Special Education
  • #22 Library & Information Studies

U.S. News also ranks online graduate programs. As competition has increased in the online market for education degrees (see the number of ranked schools in the following table), the College of Education has seen significant growth in its rankings.

USNWR Best Online Graduate Education Programs


MU College of Education Ranking

No. of Ranked Schools

% of Ranked Schools




Top 12%




Top 31%




Top 55%




Top 53%




Top 79%

These rankings are really a testament to the incredible work of our faculty and professional staff who provide high-quality learning opportunities for students throughout the state and the world.

U.S. News bases their rankings on institution-supplied data evaluating student engagement, student services and technology, faculty credentials and peer reputation, among other metrics. In analyzing the data, our increase in rankings has resulted from our peer reputation scores. Telling our story and building our national presence have been critical priorities for bringing national attention to Mizzou.

It will not surprise you that in many cases, graduate programs with higher rankings receive larger numbers of applications and attract the most competitive students. Our alumni and current students consistently acknowledge the career boost they receive from learning with Mizzou’s faculty and global colleagues. Our programs are built on a foundation of student and faculty engagement that promote a network of people, ideas and solutions. It is critical that our academic programs are relevant and ultimately influence the communities and organizations in which our alumni live and work. Education is one of the key drivers for quality of life in Missouri, along with health care and economic development. Although we are in the midst of a national teacher shortage and a national decline of 50% in enrollment in teacher education, the College currently has a 40% increase in deposits for incoming freshmen this fall, as compared to last year. Other deans are asking, “What is going on at Mizzou?” That is a great place to be!

Research expenditures are also metrics used in U.S. News Rankings and AAU performance. The College secures external funding through grants and contracts and works in every county in the state to enhance the lives of Missourians. Since July 2018, the College has secured close to $45 million in new contract and grant awards. Education is up more than 300% in dollar amount of awards by shared credit compared to this time last year.

One of the largest awards includes U.S. Department of Education eMINTS grants totaling more than $22 million (with commitments from our corporate partners) to improve STEM education in rural Missouri. The U.S. Department of Education also funded two national centers this year, one at Harvard University and one at Mizzou! This $10 million award will establish the National Center for Rural School Mental Health. The MU Center for Schoolwide Positive Behavior SupportMO-SWPBS received a $4.25M grant, and when completed, will have 25 years of continuous federal funding. It is now used in 680 Missouri schools and 26,000 schools across the country. Our funding success indicates that we provide real solutions to problems facing education. These awards not only enhance the reputations of the University and the College, but they translate to jobs, services, and tax revenue that are significant.

We are grateful to all of you for partnering with us to share our story through conversations and social media. We are also grateful for your investment in education in the state of Missouri. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Mizzou! Your efforts encourage us on a daily basis.

Kathryn Chval, Joanne H. Hook Dean’s Chair in Educational Renewal

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