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About the PAC

The Flagship Council Political Action Committee was formed to support elected officials who support Mizzou, our flagship university, and public higher education in the state of Missouri. The PAC is governed by a board of directors separate from the University of Missouri Flagship Council Board of Directors. Both boards meet periodically throughout the year. Money for the PAC is provided by dues paying members who designate a percentage of their contribution for the PAC as well as supporters who make a separate donation directly to the PAC. Primarily during election years, the PAC Board meets and approves campaign contributions to candidates running for the General Assembly.

PAC campaign contributions

During the 2020 election cycle, the PAC Board voted to make contributions to a total of 22 House and Senate candidates, both Republicans and Democrats, in the August Primary Election and General Election.  The board also made a campaign contribution in the April 2021 House district special election.  All of the candidates supported by the PAC won their respective races. 

Recognizing the significance of the 2022 elections to our flagship university, the PAC board voted to make a total of almost $44,000 for August primary and November general election.  This was the largest amount of contributions ever made by the PAC board during an election cycle.

The decision on which candidates to support is based on the members of the General Assembly who have demonstrated not only their support for higher education, but who understand and appreciate the value of our flagship institution to the state of Missouri.  Contributions from our membership in support of the PAC is a contributing factor in our success.

Click here for more information regarding PAC Guidelines for Candidate contributions.

PAC programs and events

During past legislative sessions, the PAC hosted events at the State Capitol that provided MFC members an opportunity to interact with their hometown representatives and senators. Other special events included partnering with the Mizzou Alumni Association’s Legislative Network Committee to serve Tiger Stripe ice cream to elected officials and their staff at the end of session to say thank you.  With the changes in Missouri ethics law and the pandemic, programs shifted to a virtual format.  A virtual End of Legislative Session Wrap Up that included key Legislative leadership, is a successful new program.

PAC leadership for 2024

Dave Griggs – Chair
Patrick Kussman – 1st Vice Chair
Kee Groshong – 2nd Vice Chair
Sabrina McDonnell – Treasurer
Mary Anne McCollum – Secretary


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Like any political contribution, a donation to the Flagship Council  PAC is not tax deductible.  We do, however, need certain information with your contribution, including your name, address, and general description of your occupation.